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WEEK 1: Prepare To Go
"Each dog travels on a comfortable "bed" of straw in their own box.  Dogs like Fuji, Khan and Nuka are always very excited to go.  The dog yard explodes with eager barking as we begin loading dogs..."


Watch Puppies and Tent check..

Hear Saami & Paul!

Thursday 2/28:Review the week. Exercise your brain on this week's Quiz
Friday 3/1: In the Q&A read the answers to questions that YOU send team NOMADS during the week! 

Click here to enter chat room! Thursday 2/28: Chat with Paul and Eric from the expedition.
10 am CST & 12 pm CST. Don't miss this one!

Topic: Exploration!

Discussion Board: Exploration

Movie Of The Week
Title: GPS

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It is KICK-OFF time! Welcome to the first week of this year's exciting program - six weeks traveling the wilds of Northern Ontario! It is time to hitch the teams of powerful Polar Huskies to the sleds and head out. We hope you are as thrilled as we are? Team NOMADS has worked very hard to get ready.

Could you carry your house, food, cooking utensils, clothing and everything else that you might need to live and survive? Well, NOMADS explorers and the Polar Huskies do, and for weeks at a time, too! This week we are looking at the planning and preparation that goes into completing a successful expedition while choosing team members and getting good at setting goals. 

One of the most exciting parts of exploring and setting out on an adventure, is that we know we are to meet lots of great new friends and get a rare insight into a different culture. But, this week we will also take a look at how "exploration" can affect the culture being visited.

Alright Already! Let's start exploring...


See who is going!

Check out the 16 Polar Husky Superstars who make up the team on the Pimagihowin 2002  Expedition. Get to know them!

How do I Prepare My Classroom?
It is as easy as 1,2,3..4 and 5!
Take a look at our five steps to "take off". If you have further questions, please email Mille at Basecamp or call 1 888 753 5629!

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 Everything you wanted to know about the Arctic - and more!

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Share what is going on in your neck of the woods!

Check out the  expedition route and trace it on your map.

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Got Culture?
Share it in the Culture Zone

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Come on in!
Learn more about traditional Oji-Cree culture 



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