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Weekly Chats

Week 1:
The Effects of Exploration
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Background: The effects of exploration on our world today can be seen from many sides.  On one hand, products and ideas from different parts of the world have been passed on to others.  Gun powder, maize (corn) and silk are all examples of goods that were unique to a particular area until exploration brought them global recognition.  The customs and values of different cultures have increased our perception of diversity as well.

Unfortunately, there are also many negative aspects of exploration.  For example, explorers often traveled to places where people had been living for centuries.  Frequently, these cultures were very different, and consequently, the new comers misunderstood their lifestyles and beliefs. Most aboriginal cultures were viewed by the new comers as inferior.  Sometimes, the Native inhabitants helped the explorers by providing food, water, shelter and information.  However, more commonly, fights broke out between the two cultures. The explorers brought new diseases to which the Native people were not resistant. 

The history of European exploration is filled with many great feats.  Unfortunately, it is also filled with a strong disregard for Native cultures, belief systems, land claims and lifestyle.  Disease, physical violence and political policies have all taken their toll on many of today's surviving Aboriginal groups.

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Your voice counts!  Share your opinions, ideas and thoughts during weekly online chats.  For every week of the expedition, a chat relates to that week's theme.  Talk about important issues like global warming, freedom and more.

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Is it important to be first at something?
Name one place that you would like to explore.
What advice would you give to an astronaut visiting a planet in a distant galaxy for the first time?  What mistakes of past explorers would you not want to repeat?
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NOTE: NOMADS Online Classroom 2002 closed for submissions April 15th, 2002. We look forward to hearing from you again in the Online Classroom 2003!

Chat Schedule

week 1 - The Effects of Exploration Thursday, February 28
week 2 - Global Warming Wednesday, March 6
week 3 - Heroes Monday, March 12
week 4 - Biodiversity Tuesday, March 20
week 5 - Globalization Thursday, March 28
week 6 - Defining Freedom Friday, April 5th
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Note: The chat zone is not active outside of these set times. Teachers will have an opportunity to participate in a test chat prior, to be announced in an email update when the times are finalized. 



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