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Scrap Book

Its the next best thing to actually being there.  Experience the breath taking scenery.  Feel the icy chill of a winter storm.  See glamour shots of the Polar Huskies. Welcome to your virtual life on the trail.

Can you imagine a more amazing and pristine place?  This is the expedition Scrap Book!
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The following sound bites are .wav files. Click on the file you would like to hear, and your media player should play it!

paulwelcome.wav - Have expedition leader Paul Pregont welcome you to this years expedition!
saami.wav - This is Saami's first expedition..hear how excited he is about that!
ojibwayseasons2.wav - Kaaren Olson pronouncing the four seasons in Ojibway. They are: bibboon - winter; siikwan - spring; niipin - summer; takwakin - fall
ericnewice.wav - Eric talking from the tent in Balmertown / Red lake.
pauldinner.wav - Let Paul tell you what's for dinner!
lipton2.wav - Eric sings parts of Lipton honor song (he told us to warn you, he is NOT a proffesional singer). Read the rest of the lyrics here.
helloNSL.wav - Students greets you from North Spirit Lake.
"Boozhoo - This is North Spirit Lake, have a good day"
ericanimals.wav - Let Eric tell you what animals, birds and animal tracks the team have seen so far.
paulkhan.wav - Paul tells you about Khan, the Polar Husky Star of week 5
keewaywin.wav - Learn to say "Dog" and " in the Oji-Cree language.
gary.wav - Gary says hi from the end of the road!
trailsend.wav - Thanks to YOU from Paul.

The movie files are only viewable through Quicktime player. Click on the link to view each movie. Download Quicktime here. 

Download Quicktime here!
Filling Fuel Bottles Paul is filling fuel bottles preparing for the expedition.
Tent Check! Eric is checking the tent a final time before it is packed to head out on the trail.
Pow Wow Drummers at the Pow Wow in Ear Falls.
Polar Husky "Tug-Of-War" Watch the result of "tug-of-war" between students and Polar Huskies (Paul's team) in North Spirit Lake.
Hershey Body Language  Hershey is READY to get his food - a HAPPY Polar Husky!
Go Mush - - A "musher's perspective" of Eric's team.


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