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Thank you for your participation in Arctic Transect 2004's Online Classroom and Expedition!

Make sure to check out photos from the Team's Arrival at the airport!!!

Also, view our recent photo sets from week one and week two in Pond Inlet along with images from Iglulik.

Polar Bear Alert!
Read the final trail report.

"IT IS A BEAR!!!!"...Mille yelled out. "Are you serious?" asked Aaron, with a grin on his face. "YYYYES - Polar Bear - POLAR BEAR," Mille hollered frantically as she realized just how close it was. At that same moment Paul literally had his hand on the zipper of his tent's vestibule door. Recognizing true fear in Mille's voice, he unzipped and saw it - yes, right there, seemingly right next to Mille and Aaron's tent. Will basically pushed him out the door as he rushed while yelling, "Get out, get out; get out!"

Watch Aaron and Mille as they thank you for your participation in Arctic Transect 2004!

Check out a QTVR of our beautiful campsite on a nice pan of ice surrounded by "old" pack ice.

Listen to Will explain the polynya as the team headed out onto the Arctic Ocean.

View a photo of our exciting encounter with a Polar Bear!


Arriving in Pond Inlet June 2, Arctic Transect 2004 comes to an end for our five men, one woman and thirty-one Polar Huskies.

After 155 days on the trail and relished by the participation of teachers and students worldwide, the team is excited to return home for a joyfull celebration of this historic adventure learning project. earned a "Grade A" from the Washington Post, it was the American Scientist Site of the Week and Yahoo Site of the Day. The exhilarating reviews of the Arctic Transect 2004 education program include "This is what online learning is all about. Transporting students to the Arctic where they can experience a learning adventure in real time. This site has it all!" (The eLearning Advocate)

The entire team of Arctic Transect 2004 extends our deepest gratitude to the people of Nunavut and the Northwest Territories for their generous and heartfelt support throughout the journey of Arctic Transect 2004.

Join the Celebration!

Welcome and congratulate Team Arctic Transect 2004 at the Minneapolis-St. Paul Airport Tuesday, June 15. The team will arrive with NW flight 3187 at 12:16 PM. Look for Goldie Gopher!

More events are being planned. Further details will be posted as they become available.

What's Next?

For the upcoming spring of 2005, University of Minnesota and NOMADS Online Classroom Expeditions have partnered for another free and exciting K-12 adventure learning experience:

GoNorth! - Arctic National Wildlife Refuge 2005.

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The more we learn, the more we realize that Polar Regions hold the keys to many of the processes that occur in mid-latitudes. Explore the Arctic Issues.

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