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Location: Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR), AK
Culture: Inupiat Eskimos / Gwich’in
Environmental Issue: Oil Exploration

GoNorth! Arctic National Wildlife Refuge 2006 is a twelve-week Online Classroom Dogsled Expedition through the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to the coast of Prudhoe Bay.

To learn from the Gwiich'n and Inupiat Eskimo (Inuit) People, this upcoming spring of 2006, we will set out on another educational, scientific, and cultural journey, dogsledding the majestic land of Alaska with the powerful Polar Huskies. We will explore the realities of climate change and traditional ecological knowledge, while inviting the public and K-12 classrooms around the world to debate the controversy of oil exploration and the realities of looking for renewable resources.

SCOPE: February 2006 an international team of men and women led by Arctic explorer Paul Pregont will embark on an Online Classroom Dogsled Expedition. The team of educators, scientists and explorers will cross the Alaskan Arctic by dogsled on a 700-mile, two-month transect. The twelve week education program will launch early February, two weeks prior to departure, going live from the trail the day the expedition starts and ending two weeks past its completion, in early May.