Time Line Feb. – May 2006
Approx. Mileage 700 miles
Conditions –50 F to +40 F. Daylight from 9 hours in February to 24 hours in May
Terrain Tundra, Brooks Mountain Range, Coastal Plain, Arctic Ocean
Team 27 Polar Huskies and a team of international educators, scientists and explorers

Join GoNorth! ANWR 2006 A free K-12 Online Classroom Dogsled Expedition through the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR). Setting out to explore the prospects of oil exploration, document the realities of Arctic climate change, and the value of traditional ecological knowledge, we will dogsled the majestic land of Alaska, to learn from the Gwiich’n and Inupiat Eskimo (Inuit) people along the trail; while gathering scientific data from the field in collaboration with National Aeronautic and Space Administration (NASA) and the Office of Polar Programs at National Science Foundation (NSF).


   GN! Training Expedition 2005


Action – Smile! The End…

This past week has been filled with much excitement ranging from Teacher Explorer Amy Vargason calling her classroom from the tent to say “hi” to Jens “yipping” the dogs across slush in hopes the sled wouldn’t sink. Team Go North! ended the expedition on Lake Nipigon, but it is simply a sign of great things to come!

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February 14 – March 1

Keeping team members and Polar Huskies sharp and tuned, Team GoNorth! are currently on a training expedition to Lake Nipigon in Ontario, Canada.

Please notice this is not a Online Classroom Expedition! But you can still join the team on the trail to read trail reports and Timber Tales.

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 Daily Sound File


  Aaron 2-28-05(:44)
  On the success of
  the completed training expedition and the 2006 adventure learning program ahead!


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Global Warming - a short animation dealing with the adverse effects of this tragic man-made occurrence.


Explore the joy of adventure learning! Learn how real time learning adventures pulled by powerful Polar Huskies create a unique standard aligned curriculum resource for the K-12 classroom - covering science, math, language arts and social studies. Discover this innovative approach that creates lasting inspirational learning experiences for teachers and students alike, while resulting in measurable gains in students achievement. Join Team GoNorth! today…


Aaron Doering speaks at the SITE Conference (March 1-5, 2005) in Phoenix, Arizona With its mission to advance knowledge and learning with information technology, the annual SITE conference held by the Association for the Advancement of Computing in Education (AACE) is widely recognized as the premiere technology-teacher education conference. Aaron will share the groundbreaking research on adventure learning that he has conducted within the Department of Curriculum & Instruction at the University of Minnesota.
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PolarHusky.com Awarded IBM Lotus Beacon Award PolarHusky.com and Arctic Transect 2004 have been awarded the prestigious IBM Lotus Beacon Award for best Philanthropic project worldwide using IBM Lotus solutions. PolarHusky.com earned a “Grade A” from the Washington Post, it was the American Scientist Site of the Week and Yahoo Site of the Day. The exhilarating reviews of the Arctic Transect 2004 adventure learning program include “This is what online learning is all about. Transporting students to the Arctic where they can experience a learning adventure in real time. This site has it all!” (The eLearning Advocate).
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GoNorth! Brings Arctic Message to the UK Parliament with WWF Inspired by the success this past summer of the Polar Husky campaigning on Capitol Hill Hill for the McCain-Lieberman Climate Stewardship Act bill along with Minnesota Senator Mark Dayton and NRDC, team member Mille Porsild was invited by WWF-UK to come speak to Members of the British Parliament, including UK Environment Minister Elliot Morley, as a Climate Witness, kicking off the new WWF climate change awareness campaign “Powerswitch.”
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Arctic National Wildlife Refuge:

Seasons of Life and Land by Subhankar Banarjee is one of many beautiful books in the section of Polar Husky Novels.

Subhankar is a generous supporter of GoNorth! ANWR 2006. To learn more about his book and remarkable journey, please visit www.wwbphoto.com


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I parked my car two weeks ago with less than 1/4 tank of gas in it. The computer said 13 miles to empty. I have been biking ever since. When I pick my kids up with a bike and a trailer, or tag-along, their friends always ask "Where's your car?" My daughter says, "It's at home in the driveway. This is better for the Polar Bears." After spending this winter and spring following you, our family has made a commitment to conserve energy in every way available to us. The kids are right on board. Now they fight over who "gets" to mow the lawn with the push mower.

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