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February 17, 2005

I just ran into some wolf tracks as big as my front paws!!! The snow is fluffy, the sun is shinning, and it is a beautiful blue sky with a nice wind right in my face that makes my whiskers a little brittle...just the way I like it best. I am psyched! Yes, we are finally on the trail again!

Watching Paul and Jens running in and out of the trailer loading lots of stuff I knew it was getting close. Well, at least I hoped so. Of course, they could actually have been going somewhere without us, but once I saw the loads of dog food I knew it was time for us Polar Huskies to go on the trail again. Fifteen bags I counted. That means we are probably not out here for that long - but hey, I don't care, I am just so excited to be on the trail again.

I have pretty much been barking since we left! I have to admit it is a little loud for myself! I also thought I better not make the small puppies too envious of what we were about to do. I figured they can't quite fit into one of the harnesses yet and I thought we would probably drop them off somewhere along the way. Sure enough, after about one day of traveling in the dog truck we took a little break. The pups were picked up and we were hanging out with my good friend Aaron.

As usual when Aaron is around, the team carries boxes in and out a lot. I know those boxes are the satellite equipment, computers and all that important stuff. I guess they had to get that ready so you can read my reports! Anyway, I had noticed that no human food had been put in the trailer, and I admit, it did worry me a little bit as I really did not want to share my food. Luckily, we stopped at a school. Lots of nice kids came out to say hi - and, well, brought us a lot of food bags out of their gym. I am not sure how that worked, but I did hear from Beacon, who went in there, that there was food everywhere! The team finally jumped in the truck again, and we were on the road.

I really like being on the road in my box. I see so many cool things go by….kids waiving, huge trucks, houses and even a couple of dogs. We all make lots of noise to say hi. For some reason, most dogs try to run the other way?! Speaking of loud, I think I almost made a record loud howl this morning. Last night, the truck finally stopped, the tents were put up and we all got to sleep outside. When I woke up it was still dark out, but I sat up and waited. As soon as I saw the first ray of light I started howling and barking as loud as I can. Time to get up and go! Soon we did. Well, actually I thought it took way too long and I was a little antsy, but that was all ok once I got in my harness. I banged and banged and finally we were flying out over the lake. I just love it!

January 16, 2005

Welcome to my pages! I am sitting in the dog yard – but boy am I ready to get on the trail. I hear we will be heading out on this years trip on February 16. That’s a month from today!!! Yiipiiiiii. I guess it is a short “training expedition.” That is okay with me, just as long as we get to go somewhere, I really don’t care about the details. But the details are that we are heading for Lake Nipigon in Canada. I hope Freja is ready for some serious leading – because I am ready for some serious pulling. Though the chances of us meeting a polar bear on this trip, apparently we could still be lucky to see some caribou, so I have been practicing my barking. Well, I have to go for today, but please check back. Beginning February 16, I'm going to tell you about my travels twice a week, throughout the upcoming expedition right here!

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