Week 14: The Finale


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"After 70-some days of dogsledding with the Polar Huskies, covering over 750 miles from sea level to more than 5,000 feet above, the GoNorth! Arctic National Wildlife Refuge 2006 expedition has reached our final destination in the oil field of Prudhoe Bay. True to form, the expedition was jam-packed with excitement, wonder, and kindness to the very end. Recent encounters ran the gamut from mosquitoes as big as house flies to musk oxen lining up in formation; from huge pumping oil drills to flying 11,500 feet above the Brooks Mountain Range in a tiny plane - plastered with duck tape and running via a small engine no bigger than a pick-up truck…"

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Aaron 5-15 (1:50)
In our final audio update for this year, Aaron wraps things up by saying thanks - to you!


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Team GoNorth! on a successful Arctic adventure learning expedition.

Arriving in Prudhoe Bay on May 11, GoNorth! Arctic National Wildlife Refuge comes to an end for our five men, one woman, and 24 Polar Huskies.

After more than 90 days in the field, sustained by the participation of teachers and students worldwide, the team is excited to return home to joyfully celebrate the historic first in a scheduled series of circumpolar GoNorth! programs.

The entire team of GoNorth! Arctic National Wildlife Refuge 2006 extends our deepest gratitude to the people of the Alaskan communities along the expedition route for their generous and heartfelt support throughout the journey.

And, 'thank you" to all of YOU for your particiption in the program! Read the letter of thank you to the GoNorth! student explorers from our team members on the trail - Download it now! >>

Check out the Photo Journal in the Expedition Scrapbook for the more than 1000 images posted from this expedition!

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